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Dog Judges is one of the most comprehensive websites for dog judges on the internet. We have the largest database of judges and regularly receive over 2,000 page views per day. Each week we are seeing over 1,000 unique visitors to our website with a broad reach worldwide.
From 15th February to 15th March we saw 64,202 page views, and this month, March, we have had 4 days that have exceeded 5,000 page views within 24 hours. Our profiles are the most commonly viewed webpages, totaling 41,500 views since we began measuring (15th February).
We offer an affordable advertising system for you to promote your business on our website that is split into Standard and Premium Advertising.
All advertisements are trackable (both impressions and clicks) and we are happy to tailor a custom solution to suit your needs.
To review our current advertising plans please visit


Our Standard Advertising works by paying a certain amount per 1,000 impressions (times your ad is viewed on our website).
Standard Advertising has a minimum contract length of 12 months at $10 AUD / month and must be paid for up-front, totaling $120 AUD for the full 12 months access to our advertising system.
Our current price for 1,000 impressions is $1.50 AUD. You can purchase any number of impressions in groups of 1,000 as long as it is more than 50,000 ($75+ AUD).
Your ad will run on our website for as long as it takes to complete your allotted number of impressions. You can update your number of impressions at any time using our advertisement manager.
Standard Advertisements are on rotation with all other Standard Advertisements. Your ad will be shown sequentially in order with others (your ad, ad 2, ad 3, ..., your ad, ad 2, ad 3, ...).
Your advertisement will be shown on most pages of our website (profiles, search, news, others) above the content of the webpage. It is the first thing the user will see on the page giving you maximum exposure to every user of our website. However it will not be displayed on the front page of our website.
The dimensions of our Standard Advertisements are 788 x 200px and must be a GIF, JPG, JPEG or PNG under or equal to 50 KB.


Our Premium Advertising works by paying a flat rate regardless of the number of impressions (times your ad is viewed on our website) your ad gets.
Premium Advertising has no up-front cost and the minimum contract length is only the month(s) that you have paid for.
Our current price for Premium Advertising is $100 AUD / month. You can extend the length of time your Premium Advertisement is shown at any time using our advertisement manager.
We only have one Premium Advertisement at any one time. If the Premium spot is taken you can request to be put on the waiting list and we will contact you when the spot is available (this does not "lock you in" to the spot, you can remove your request at any time).
Premium Advertisements are shown on every page of our website including the front page. At all times except on extremely long pages your advertisement will be in complete view of the user.
The dimensions of our Premium Advertisements are 160 x 600px and must be a GIF, JPG, JPEG or PNG under or equal to 50 KB.
All Premium Advertisements get an additional Standard Advertisement that is shown in the rotation (see Standard Advertisements) with unlimited impressions.
Please note your advertisement must be tasteful and we reserve the right to deny serving your advertisement at any time if we feel it breaches the general standards of our website and that any advertising payments are non-refundable.

To advertise check out the site at: